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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- In New York, nearly 10,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant. Every nine minutes another person is added to the national transplant waitlist, according to organdonor.gov.

The number of New Yorkers on the national transplant waitlist is significant, they make up 10% of all people on the list, according to Donate Life.

Approximately 41% of eligible New York residents were registered organ donors, based on the state‘s estimate as of October 2020. It’s why they said a campaign was started in 2017 to encourage more New Yorkers to sign up and be donors.

“Anyone over the age of 16 can register to be a donor there’s also no cost to the donor family for donation and registering to be an organ donor and being an organ donor doesn’t necessarily interfere with your end of life plans,” said St. Peters Health Partners ICU Nurse Manager, Kimberly Morrison.


  • Healthcare workers don’t work as hard to save the lives of organ donors
  • Older people or people with health issues can’t be donors
  • A donors family will be charged for the donation of a loved one’s organs
  • Powerful or wealthy people get transplants first


  • In an emergency health crisis, healthcare workers focus on saving the individual
  • Age and underlying health conditions don’t disqualify someone from registering to be an organ donor
  • There is no cost associated with being an organ donor
  • Organ donation is supported by many religious groups
  • The neediest patients are matched with an organ donation first regardless of their social status or financial situation

*Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine

Seventeen patients die every day while waiting for a transplant and while 90% of American adults support organ donation, only 60% are signed up to be donors, reported by organdonor.gov.

Because there are many factors that affect the outcome of transplants including blood type, body size, and medical history, only three out of every 1,000 registered organ donors that die will be able to give the gift of life.

“So that’s why it’s so important to have everyone sign up to be a donor to find those special people that do qualify,” Morrison said.

Every organ donor counts. The lives of up to eight people can be saved by just one organ donor.

More information about organ donation and how to register as an organ donor in New York can be found on the Donate Life website.

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