VERMONT (WFFF) — Many people may be looking forward to snowmobile season after a few snowy days this December. The owner and manager at Buffalo Mountain Powersports in Hardwick, Sue Rivard, said she’s seen an increase in sales this season, and she believes it’s due to the pandemic. 

“Not having the ability to gather with friends and you could just hop on your snowmobile you can go anywhere, you’re in nature, there are so many trails in Vermont and so many things to see,” Rivard said. 

The store started with 50 snowmobiles and right now they’re sold out. Rivard doesn’t expect to get any more in. She believes more people are feeling a need to get out of the house.

“In Vermont there are not a lot of options to do in the winter, we have seen a lot of families getting back into it, you know, people that haven’t done it in years are starting to do it again this year,” Rivard said. 

If you’re interested in snowmobiling, the Green Mountain National Forest season officially opens December 16. The Forest Supervisor for the Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests, John Sinclair said safety is their top priority.

“Wearing layers, wearing warm clothes, letting people know where you are going and when you are going to be back are some of the simple safety guidelines that can be followed for snowmobiling or any outdoor activities,” Sinclair said. 

Sinclair said it’s important for new snowmobilers to keep in mind they’re sharing the trail with others.

“You are going to have snowmobilers, cross country skiers, hikers, out there sharing the trail systems with you, all trail users should be aware that they are sharing the trail with other outdoor enthusiasts,” Sinclair said. 

The National Forest is over 400,000 acres in Vermont.

“I love the outdoors,” Sinclair said. “I have two small children, one in the second grade and one in pre-k and we love getting out.” 

The season will run through April 15.