The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from meteorologists Steve Caporizzo & Jordan Due:

Goodbye July! What a way to end the month. This July has officially become the wettest July Albany has ever seen. It is also now third in the top 5 wettest months on record as well.

The percent of rainfall over the last few days shows that the entire area is soaked! The green corresponds is 100-200% of normal rainfall and the blue is 200-300+% of normal rainfall. Compared to last July…the amount of heavy downpours we’ve gotten this month blows last year out of the water! It rained 19 out of 31 days this month…that’s more than half of the month! Let’s hope August gives us some more dry time…

Today storms weren’t too bad today, Albany did receive some downpours in the late afternoon. Thanks to the high pressure in Canada right now, we’re looking at some really nice weather for the middle of the week. Then there’s a system out west that will make it’s way more towards us by Thursday bringing some more rain.

Something to look out for this month are Supermoons! There will be two full moons, the first can be seen August 1st which is called the “Sturgeon” moon. The second will be August 30th and will be considered a “Blue” moon. Get outside if you can and take a look! They’ll be bigger and brighter than you’re used to seeing.

We’ve had a few sweltering 90 degree days this month but as we head into August temperatures will be dipping down into the upper 70s! Going outside will be much more bearable because the humidity is dying down as well. Tuesday and Wednesday are both going to look and feel beautiful.

Futurecast is showing us some fair weather clouds coming in allowing us to have some great weather thanks to that ridge and high pressure!

Tonight we’re clearing up, no more of that pouring rain but a few places still have a chance to see an evening shower. At least tomorrow will be 75 and stunning!

The rain will return late Thursday afternoon/Thursday evening. Friday there’s still a chance to see a thunderstorm or two but at least over the weekend we’re staying mostly clear and dry! Chances to hear some more rumbles of thunder return at the beginning of next week.