The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from chief meteorologist Steve Caporizzo and meteorologist Matt Mackie:

It’s all quiet for now… ahead of an approaching cold front, we experienced a rather comfortable February day with highs in the mid 30’s. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted!

A blast of frigid air coming in behind the front will cause temperatures to plummet. The one silver lining to this arctic blast is that it won’t be particularly long lived… but it will sure be intense.

As the front rolls through around or just after midnight, expect winds to pick up. A few snow showers or squalls could develop.

Then temperatures drop rapidly. By Friday morning, most in the Capital District will be in the single digits. The higher terrain could be below zero. Temperatures actually drop slowly through the day, and will be a couple degrees lower by the afternoon.

But those temperatures are only half the story – with the wind factored in, it will feel like 20-30 degrees below zero throughout the course of the day in Albany. At times, the “feels like” temperatures could be 40-50 degrees below in the Adirondacks.

As a result, the National Weather Service has issued Wind Chill Warnings for just about all of the News10 viewing area. Avoid outdoor activities if possible. If you must venture out, be sure to dress warm & stay safe.

By Saturday morning, actual temps may be down to minus 10 in Albany – the coldest we will have been in about five years! While this is the lowest that actual temps will go in this cold blast, winds will have eased up just a bit. The net result is similar wind chill values to what we had during the day Friday.

Saturday afternoon shows slight signs of improvement. Temperatures will creep back up into the teens during the afternoon. By Sunday, this deep freeze will be a thing of the past, with highs back up to around 40.

Monday and Tuesday will be even milder, with temps peaking in the mid 40’s! We actually look to stay at or above average for the remainder of the forecast period.