Latest Forecast Update from Meteorologists Steve Caporizzo & Rob Lindenmuth:

Seasonably cold day today with highs in the mid to upper 20s, but this will feel warm compared to what is coming for Thursday night and especially into Friday.

An arctic front is set to move through the region after midnight Thursday night. This will bring the potential for a few snow squalls and gusty winds to develop as temperatures plummet into Friday morning. Temperatures behind this boundary are brutally cold with highs in the 20s to 30s below zero! Wind chill is also an issue, with wind chill temperatures behind the boundary as cold as 70 below zero!

The good news is, is that this cold air will not be sticking around for too long, but it could be dangerous, which is why we have winds chill warnings and wind chill watches in effect for Friday into Saturday. Wind chill warnings for areas to the north where it is likely wind chill temperatures could get as cold as 30 to 50 below zero, frostbite will be possible in as little as 5 minutes on exposed skin. Elsewhere wind chill temperatures will reach 25 to 40 below zero, where frostbite will be possible in as little as 10 minutes on exposed skin.

The winds ease up into Saturday morning, so the extreme wind chill temperatures will lessen up, however, the actual air temperature will likely fall well below zero, so you will still want to bundle up if you have to be outside.

We will be warming into the low to mid teens by Saturday afternoon with skies turning mostly cloudy. But, those clouds will be associated with a warm front, so temperatures will likely fall early Saturday evening before rising into Sunday morning. This will help bump us back up closer to 40 degrees for Sunday afternoon. Then we remain relatively mild through much of next week with highs in the low to mid 40s with chances of precipitation arriving again by next Wednesday. Have a great night! -Cap & Rob