The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from meteorologist Matt Mackie:

An approaching storm system brings a rather rainy start to the weekend. Not to worry, the second half of the weekend looks better for outdoor plans!

As the rain arrives overnight, it may be just cold enough to support wintry precipitation in the Adirondacks. Areas highlighted in purple below could see freezing rain up until the late morning. Watch for slippery road conditions!

The rest of the region will be warmer, so just plain ol’ rain in the forecast. Temps actually warm into the low 50’s by the time its all said and done! Too bad we won’t get much opportunity to enjoy the warmer temps – showers are around the whole time.

Sunday is dry and brighter, but also much cooler with highs around 40. Monday is a bit more mild, with temps in the low 40’s.

Tuesday and Wednesday bring another round of warmth and showers. We’ll clear out and cool down once more for Thursday and Friday.