Latest Forecast Update from Meteorologists Steve Caporizzo, Rob Lindenmuth & Matt Mackie:

Another great afternoon across the northeast with wall-to-wall sunshine, temperatures about 8-12 degrees above average and a light breeze made for a fantastic early November day.

High clouds to our south will likely remain there overnight tonight, so with clear skies and calm winds, expect a frosty start to your Thursday. But more phenomenal weather is to our west and this will be with us through the end of the week and into at least the start of the weekend.

Nothing but sunshine for Thursday, it will be a chilly, but seasonable start to the day will give way to temperatures above average again into the mid to upper 60s.

High pressure will slowly drift off the east coast for the end of the week and into the weekend, but it will still keep us on the milder side with highs reaching the low 70s for Friday.

Record breaking warmth still expected for Saturday with a breezy southwest wind developing in the afternoon, some downsloping off the Catskills will likely boost our temperatures into the mid, if not upper 70s.

We do cool down a touch for Sunday, with mostly cloudy skies and the chance for a few showers. Still though, temperatures could tie a record high with a forecast high of 73. Turning partly sunny again for early next week with temperatures holding near 70. Then we turn a touch cooler towards the middle of next week with lots of sunshine, but temperatures trying to return to average with highs mainly in the mid to upper 50s. Have a great night! Cap, Rob & Matt