Latest Forecast Update from Meteorologists Steve Caporizzo, Rob Lindenmuth & Kevin Appleby:

A seasonable afternoon today with high temperatures reaching the upper 40s and low 50s. A mix of sun and clouds, but at least we remained on the dry side of things for today, we will begin to introduce more chances for rain for the end of the week and the start of the weekend.

A weak cold front will be moving through overnight, however, we do not expect much from this overnight aside from a few clouds. Behind this feature we will enjoy a push of milder and drier air. We are expecting partly to mostly sunny skies for Thursday afternoon.

A storm system moving in out of the Northern Rockies will be heading our way for Friday night and early Saturday. At the same time a developing storm system along the southeast coast will try to drift northward. As our storm system approaches it will essentially “push” this storm system out to sea so we will miss the higher impacts from this. Despite this, we do still anticipate gusty winds for Friday and through the day Saturday as colder air filters into the Capital Region.

With a beautiful afternoon expected for Thursday we will jump ahead to Friday on the futurecast. We will likely start the day with some sunshine, temperatures will be rather mild, somewhere close to 40.

Winds will begin to gust from the south, ushering in milder air. Temperatures on Friday will likely reach the upper 50s and low 60s with the rainfall holding off until after sunset Friday evening. Winds will likely continue gusting through Friday evening and overnight.

Cold front will swing through into early Saturday morning with a band of rain to start the day. While this happens the moisture with the system to the south will get pushed out to sea.

As this happens, cold air from the north and west will be pulled or tugged into the region. Temperatures on Saturday will likely fall from early day highs near 50 and will likely be back near 40 or so by Saturday evening. Winds will gust occasionally 25-35 mph.

Clouds fill back in for Sunday with the chance for a few snow showers as we get a lake effect connection. Chilly weather to start the work week with highs in the 30s to near 40. Signs point to a storm system for the middle of next week. This will likely initially bring a minor warm up with our temperatures. Then it will bring wind and likely a wintry mix into Tuesday before heavy rain will be possible leading up to Thanksgiving on Thursday. We have plenty of time for the data to change, so stay tuned for future updates. Have a great night! -Cap, Rob & Kevin