Latest Forecast Update from Meteorologist Rob Lindenmuth:

What a beautiful start to the weekend with plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the 60s to near 70 and a bit of a breeze. That breeze was courtesy of an approaching cold front that is moving through overnight that will keep our temperatures a bit cooler for Sunday. We will also expect a few more clouds, calling it partly sunny for Sunday. In the meantime, winds will ease up overnight and with skies remaining relatively clear temperatures will fall into the upper 30s and low 40s for most.

Big upper-level low pressure system continues to spin over Ontario and Quebec. This will continue to rotate spokes of energy through the region through Monday. On Monday an area of low pressure will develop along this “spoke” and provide clouds and scattered showers through the day which will keep temperatures mainly in the 50s.

Once that system passes, that will open the door for a shot of chilly air to invade the northeast. We will likely see clouds, temperatures in the 40s and low 50s with even a few showers, perhaps some snow showers mixing in in the highest terrain of the Adirondacks, especially on Wednesday.

Futurecast shows the partly sunny skies that we are expecting for Sunday. I think it will remain dry and not very windy, but with the clouds and a bit of a cooler wind direction temperatures will likely remain in the upper 50s to mid 60s for most.

As the system approaches Sunday night into Monday we will see an increase in cloud cover. A few showers can’t be ruled out Monday morning, but the bulk of the shower activity should move through around midday and last into early evening, very scattered in nature, not looking at a widespread soaking. The clouds and showers around will hold temperatures in the mid 50s for most.

Behind this feature we may dry out a bit for Tuesday. Although it will still be a cool wind direction with partly sunny skies, temperatures may struggle for many to get out of the 40s on Tuesday afternoon. Otherwise, expect many, especially Hudson Valley east to make it into the low 50s.

We remain on the chilly side of things for Wednesday and Thursday, chance of a shower especially west on Wednesday will give way to partly sunny skies and things turning a bit breezy by Thursday afternoon. Breezes continue on Friday, but from more of a warm source, temperatures should warm into the upper 50s to near 60, very seasonable for mid-October. Then we really start to warm up again by next weekend with temperatures by next Saturday likely back into the mid to upper 60s. Have a great night! -Rob