The latest Storm Tracker Forecast from meteorologist Matt Mackie:

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — It’s another gloomy day in News10-Land! Expect on-and-off cold rain for much of the day in the valleys. A few snowflakes could mix in this morning but won’t amount to very much of anything.

You have to go where it’s colder, into the hills and mountains, to see a change to a wintry mix or snow. Even there, things could flip over to rain later in the afternoon as temperatures warm during the day.

As a result, we don’t have the most impressive-looking snow map to show you. Don’t expect much of anything along the Hudson River. A coating to an inch is possible in the hills, but it’d melt or turn slushy with rain later on. An inch or two could fall in the Catskills or the Rensselaer Plateau. “Big winners” are in the spine of the Green Mountains and northern Berkshires, where 2-4 inches are within the realm of possibility.

The weekend looks more settled – Saturday is cloudy, but dry with highs in the upper 30’s. Sunday will be brighter, but just a bit chillier.

Monday and Tuesday look quite mild, with high temps in the 40’s. Wednesday and Thursday are still dry, but temps trend downwards. Keep the coats ready!