WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – The world is watching as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine and various leaders take a stand against Russian President Vladimir Putin. There are growing concerns that United States involvement in the conflict puts our country’s security at risk.

As Russia’s attack on Ukraine escalates by the day, some lawmakers are pushing for the U.S. to do more. Congresswoman Victoria Spartz was born in Ukraine and wants to see President Joe Biden take a stronger stance on the conflict.

“We have an obligation and duty to save this world, help Ukrainian people to survive,” Spartz, a Republican from Indiana, said.

President Putin has warned of severe consequences for Western leaders who intervene. With the U.S. deeply involved, there are concerns about the direct threats Russia may pose.

Senator Mark Warner, D-Va., says there is definitely a high risk of retaliation.

“We’re seeing the Russian economy literally crumble before our eyes and I think we should expect Putin to unleash cyberattacks,” Warner said.

Some are also worried about President Putin putting his nuclear forces on alert. But Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby insists our military is monitoring the threat and confident in our defenses.

Kirby also says U.S. involvement in the conflict won’t be deterred by Putin’s threats.

“We’re going to stand by the Ukrainian Armed Forces as we have, as other NATO allies have, and we’re going to continue to find ways to help them defend themselves,” Kirby said.

Sen. Warner says while the U.S. does need to be ready for retaliation, the risk of not helping Ukraine is even more serious.

“If Putin is successful in Ukraine, he will not stop. He will try to remake Europe,” Warner said. “We can stop him here.”