WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — “Am I scared? If I’m scared of anything, it’s for our democracy.”

That’s what Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said as the Nation’s Capital prepares for the unprecedented combination of an impeachment of one President and the inauguration of another.

Bowser asked federal authorities to cancel permits for demonstrations and protests and make a pre-disaster declaration in preparation for Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

“We have very extreme factions in our country that are armed and dangerous,” Bowser said.

The tighter security measures – which include more federal agents and National Guard members — will be in place for 2 weeks. The new Acting Chief of the Capitol Police said there will be no public access to the Capitol during the inauguration.

Missouri Republican Sen. Roy Blunt, the head of the congressional committee that oversees the inauguration, is worried.

“The 3 branches come together, you’re outside, both from the ground and the air — there’s a lot to worry about,” Blunt said. “Frankly the government is probably more vulnerable at that moment than almost any other moment.”

President Trump does not plan to attend Biden’s inauguration. But former Presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush plus Vice President Mike Pence say they will all attend.

Tensions in Washington are also high because Democrats introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump, accusing him of inciting an insurrection.

“It was an attempted coup d’etat,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a Missouri Democrat.

The impeachment effort is widely supported by Democratic lawmakers but so far has little support from Republicans.