NEW YORK (WIVB) — New York’s COVID-19 positivity rate is remaining low, with the latest number being 1.43 percent.

Looking at Western New York and the Finger Lakes though, the rates are the highest in the state.

  • Western New York: 2.43 percent
  • Finger Lakes: 2.72 percent

Although these regions have the highest rates, the nearby Southern Tier region has a much lower rate of 0.65 percent.

People are still dying though, as 27 infected New Yorkers lost their lives on Sunday.

As positivity rates go down, the number of vaccinations has gone up, with a total of 16.8 million vaccine doses administered in the state. More than 60 percent of the state has received at least one dose.

Right now, 24.7 percent of New Yorkers ages 16-25 are fully vaccinated — a stark difference in the rate of fully vaccinated people ages 65 to 74 (73.6 percent).

With such a low rate compared to older populations, young people have been a big focus of the state’s vaccination efforts. To help push people to get vaccinated, SUNY and CUNY schools will require that in-person students be vaccinated before they return to campus this Fall.

There’s no requirement for private colleges, but Gov. Cuomo says he has encouraged them to adopt the same policy.

In addition to this announcement, Gov. Cuomo says the state is proposing a law to stop discrimination against vaccinated people. As he said this, the governor cited a summer camp he says prohibited vaccinated people from working there or participating in other ways.