COHOES, NY (News10)-Officers searched by ground and air for a missing Cohoes man who disappeared several weeks ago.

It’s an effort that has police searching from high above as they look to find an answer in the missing persons case of Ronnie Chaput.

Last week, Chaput’s roommate Tonya Parker told News10’s Anya Tucker that the last time anyone saw Ronnie was back on September 8th when he left his Forest Avenue Apartment with his tent and mountain bike.

That was almost 6 weeks ago.

“Something’s not right. I don’t know, and I’m scared to death and I just want to know if he’s ok,” said Tonya.

A cousin of Chaput’s who spoke to News10’s Anya Tucker said the 51 year old has his struggles, including a battle with drug addiction.

Police say they have exhausted all their leads, but are still committed to searching.

News 10 found them near a marsh outside of the Eddy Village Green in Cohoes.

Anya asked, “What have family members and friends told you to indicate that he may be in this area?”

“Well, they have told us that on several occasions he would jump on his bike and grab a tent and went camping in the woods and that’s the problem we are having. There’s no specific area as to where he is.” answered Assistant Chief Timothy Keefe.

To get a better look, Cohoes Police requested the help of Albany county sheriffs deputies Joe Guice and Chad Hotaling to share their expertise with drones and help in the search.

Guice said theat they were, “Just checking the stream bed all the way through and also just to see if somebody was down by the water area.”

The birds eye view so crisp it identified a deer resting in the woods.

The sheriffs office have had much success using the drones in searches, which aided in locating an injured missing man in Thatcher Park.

Cohoes Police say today’s search came up empty handed, but they say they will continue the effort to find Chaput just as they would anyone else.

Ronnie Chaput is 51 years old and is described as is described as being 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, and having brown eyes. If you see him you’re asked to contact Cohoes Police.