ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — If you are in Albany on any given Tuesday, you may have seen local advocates for clean air and the environment holding signs—hoping to grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians—on the corner of Washington and Dove.

Sandy Steubing, the facilitator of PAUSE—People of Albany United for Safe Energy—is here every week. She was part of the successful effort to ban oil tankers on a rail line that went through Albany.

Steubing and her fellow environmental advocates have been gathering at 19 Dove Street once a week over the summer for “Tonko Tuesday,” right outside of Congressman Paul Tonko’s Albany office.

“We are urging him to stop dealing with the fossil fuel companies,” Steubing said.

Christine Primomo is also a regular attendee. The grassroots environmental advocate from Coeymans is well known for fighting against cement giant Lafarge’s efforts to incinerate tires at their Coeymans facility. She helped get the Clean Air Law passed in her town and Albany.

“Clean air needed for everybody. Anything that goes up in the air, goes down. So it affects the water, the soil and it doesn’t just stay in our community,” Primomo said.

The group of Davids had another stop on Tuesday, bringing their voices and concerns to the Albany office of Goliath Sen. Chuck Schumer. “We aren’t big bucks, Primomo said. “We have no money. We are just out there trying to spread the word and we want to leave an Earth that’s going to be inhabitable for everyone.”

Steubing says she secured a meeting with Rep. Tonko’s point person on energy issues this week and she is hopeful that it will make a difference.