BURLINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) — America’s favorite pastime took a historic leap forward locally.

Margot Douillet, director of operations and bullpen coach of the Pittsfield Suns, became the first female to manage a Futures League game Wednesday night. Her opportunity came with hard work, and some lucky timing.

“We got home so late last night, the coaching staff wanted a rest,” explained Douillet, “and it was just the perfect opportunity.”

A Michigan graduate, Douillet calls herself a “nerd” and says she’s always been interested in the analytics of baseball, but coaching is a new challenge she’s welcoming.

“As I always like to say, life has an interesting way of surprising you,” she said. “A year ago I never would have seen myself here. I mean, hey, a month ago I never would have seen myself here. But I just love all parts of the game and I just want to see where this journey takes me.”

The journey took her to Vermont Wednesday, where the Suns were shut out by the Lake Monsters 10-0.

Douillet, who’s looked up to a female general manager in her young career, says this can pave the way for other young girls to see that “the door’s open, so why not?”

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