ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Albany Medical Center administration and Albany Police are pleased with the execution of emergency protocols following Tuesday’s incident involving a barricaded suspect with a gun.

“As of yesterday, there wasn’t really any advanced warning that this was going to happen. I think that retrospectively, we’ll all look back and try to figure out whether or not there was any subtle sign,” said Dr. Peter Paige, Albany Med’s General Director.

I think that probably one of the biggest keys to success, and how this event was handled yesterday, was the prompt activation of code silver,” Paige added.

Code silver is used when there is a potentially armed assailant in the hospital.

Albany Police Public Information Officer Steve Smith said the department’s highly trained Emergency Services Team was able to make entry through the barricaded door, and they got to work ensuring the safety of everyone involved—patients, hospital staff, and the people in the room with the suspect.

“Members of the police department were helping push patients so we could clear that unit, focus our attention on that one room,” Smith said, “and if it’s got to be drawn out, it’s got to be drawn out, but we had several conversations with this man over several hours, and the determination was made to make entry and take him into custody.”

The hospital has security guards, but no metal detectors at the entrances. Dr. Paige said the hospital has an aggressive emergency management program and they drill on a regular basis. 

New York State Nurses’ Association feels the hospital has failed to consider their proposals for active shooter drills and metal detectors.

Dr. Paige said hospital administration was meeting Tuesday afternoon to debrief on how the response to the incident went and options to consider moving forward.

No patients or staff were hurt.