SARATOGA, NY (NEWS10) – “It’s like a big family and every year it gets to be a bigger family,” said Ken Grey, Team Billy Founder.

That family is called “Team Billy”. Over the last 12 years, Billy’s father Kevin Grey said that team has grown to over 60,000 members all over the country.

Elected officials came out to support brain tumor research amongst the hundreds of cyclists riding either a 10, 25, or 50 mile course. Also, a band of pedestrians took on a 5k.

Ken Grey said the outreach of Team Billy is keeping his son’s legacy alive and thriving.

“To be honest with you, some days I question is it important. And every time I question it someone calls and says we’ve got a situation, what do you do? It’s not a perfect system but we usually know who to talk to, who to get help from,” said Grey.

Ava was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Meningioma in 2014. Since then, her grandmother said Team Billy is a haven of comfort and support.

“She sets the pace, we just follow her lead. She has inspired all of every day,” said Gerri Thompson, Team Billy supporter.

Whether walking or biking, the show of support is equal. Ken Grey said researchers are making progress in battling brain tumors but it’s still not enough.

Grey said there is much work yet to be done. He’s not slamming on the brakes until there is a cure.

“Its people that show up today, it’s the people that volunteer that help make that difference. There are events all over the U.S., there’s one in Boston today but this is the one in the capitol region, and this is the one that’s important to me. I’m doing it for Billy, he’s my hero,” said Grey.