According to the Mayor’s Office, the heavy rain this spring and unexpected problems during the renovation process, have pushed back the opening date of the pool.

“The pool needs to reopen, the kids need something to do,” said Miriam Hemmingway, who lives in the Capital Region.

Earlier this week, Mayor Patrick Madden stopped by the News 10 studio to talk about the progress being made.

” We did run into some challenges as we peeled away the layers of paint at the pool site. It’s a renovation that with proper care is going to the last decades. This is not a 5 year repair,” explained Mayor Madden.

When the paint was removed, renovators discovered problems with the pool’s concrete walls. The concrete had to then be cut in order for the liner and the new gutter system to be installed.

News 10 has also learned that the facilities building has gotten a new roof and skylights have been added. As for the interior of the facilities building, it has been gutted and has since been repainted, rewired, and bathrooms have been redone.

But that’s not all— A custom pump and filtration system that has been built offsite, will be shipped to the pool area to be added.

In a statement the city of Troy’s Deputy Director of Public Information, John Salka said in part, “Necessary permits have been filed with the Rensselaer County Health Department. We have a positive and productive relationship with the county who understands the importance of this project.”

” Troy Pool, it’s been a blessing,” said Frank Behr, who lives in Troy. “My kids are grown now, and I liked it being there. I think it’s really great for the neighborhood.”

The city said the pool will reopen this summer, but an exact date is to be determined. The city is also working with CDTA to offer kids discounted buss passes to the pool.