SCHENECTADY, N.Y.(NEWS10) – The YWCA of NorthEastern New York hosting their annual art exhibit, the Inspiring Women Project, to celebrate and empower women. Over 50 people attended the YWCA’s art show to a fan fair of applause.

It’s the third year the YWCA in Schenectady is showing off the talent from over 35 local artists in honoring Women’s History Month at a reception that kicked off Wednesday night.

There was food and champagne for guests to enjoy as they perused the works of art. Organizer, Administrative Coordinator Danielle Schimpf, explaining this year’s theme that will benefit art therapy programs at the YWCA.

“The theme tonight is the inspiring women project. So, it’s really just about inspiring and empowering,” said Schimpf.

The YWCA is hoping to bring awareness to the violence that women face all year long.

“Even though it’s Women’s History Month this is important work that needs to be done all year round even outside of Women’s History Month,” said Schimpf.

Mariah Brown and her mother, Karen “Kema” Maxwell, hope their art will bring more attention to the battle against domestic violence.

“[It’s the] personal connection to the cause, personal connection to the wonderful people here at the YWCA. Just trying to get the word out,” said Brown.

“They’re different. They allow women to stand out and not fit in. So, the pieces I make are made so that when a woman walks in the room, the spotlight is on her,” said Maxwell.

The YWCA of NorthEastern New York is the Capital Region’s leader when it comes to domestic violence services and is the operator of the only domestic violence shelter in Schenectady County. The YWCA offers a 24-hour hotline, safe shelter, counseling, children`s services, and post-shelter services among many other services.

The Inspiring Women Project will be on display at the YWCA until March 15, between the hours of 10am and 8pm.