CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — For a local woman, it was a day like any other. She stopped at Market 32 to get her groceries, but left without something she was supposed to pick up.

“I just did my routine,” said Paula Fidalgo, who lives in Clifton Park. “But the only thing I did different was the cart. I usually get the big cart, but this time I said, well, I’m just coming in to get chicken, so I’m going to get the little cart. I put my purse in the bottom of my cart and did my shopping and left.”

Three hours later, she realized she had forgotten her purse. She called the store to see if anyone turned it in.

“They said, ‘We don’t have anything,’ and I thought oh my God! My whole entire life is in this purse,” said Fidalgo.

What upset her the most was that in her wallet was a special saint memento from her dad, who lost his battle with cancer. She drove back to the store to see if she could find it herself, but it was gone. The next day, she called again, but still no luck. Later on that night, she got a text message.

“I get a ping on my phone and my neighbor says, missing a purse? I was like, this is weird! I haven’t even posted it on Facebook, yet! How does she know!? And right after she sends me this video!”

Mike Grant, a Good Samaritan dropping it off to Paula’s neighbor to give to her along with a video message.

“Merry Christmas,” Grant said in the video. “I found it in a cart in the parking lot at Price Chopper. I went to your old address. You weren’t there, so I hunted you down by an envelope that was in here. All of your money is in tact, all of your paperwork is intact. Merry Christmas!”

Thursday night, Paula met him for the first time and gave him a gift to show her appreciation — something he did not expect.

“I just did what anyone else should do. Could I use money? Of course,” said Grant. “Anyone can use money, but the right thing is the right thing.”