SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — For a second time, former Doctor Robert Neulander was sentenced to 20-years-to-life Monday for the murder of his wife Leslie Neulander.

Neulander sits in an Onondaga County courtroom as he awaits to hear his sentence Monday.

Neulander was convicted of murder for the second time in March. A second jury found him guilty of killing his wife and trying to cover it up by making it look like she fell in the shower. For the tampering charges he was given 1-and-1/3 to 4 years. It will be served concurrently

The second trial was required after the first trial was overturned. The state’s highest court blamed juror misconduct.

For this second sentencing, the Onondaga County District Attorney will not request the maximum penalty: 25 years to life in prison. Instead, he asked the judge sentence Neulander to the same amount he faced after his first trial: 20 years to life in prison. 

Neulander attorney, Jonathan Back, speaking for the Neulander family, asked Monday for the minimum sentence, 15 years in prison.

“He is in the final decade or decades of his life. He is not in good health.”

Neulander also addressed the courtroom Monday and echoed those sentiments:

“I respectfully ask that the Court consider the passionate request presented by my family… 

(The) Central focus at this is that our Beloved Leslie, it’s no longer with us. Which changed our lives forever…  

Our families have suffered. I’m turning 71 later this year, and as such, inflicted with numerous, serious, crucial medical problems and habits. I humbly implore the court to allow our families a sliver of hope, a small sliver hope, that I may die surrounded by them, my family, thank you.”

Robert Neulander

That was not met, the Judge Thomas Miller said he considered the family’s sentiments, but felt 15-years-to-life was not a just sentence.

“And I don’t doubt for a moment the sincerity of any of them or the sense of loss that your family and friends feel. As I did previously, I will temper myself to reflect their input, but I do not believe a minimum sentence is appropriate here,” Judge Miller said.

Neulander will get credit for the three years he previously spent in prison, before he was freed by the overturned trial. 

You can watch the entire sentencing in the video player below: