The press conference was interrupted and after a passerby yelled profanity at the mayor and police chief. The briefing continued shortly after the passerby was escorted away by Albany Police officers.

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins and Mayor Kathy Sheehan hosted a briefing Tuesday morning to inform the public on the events that occurred Monday evening.

Chief Hawkins said there was a different group that caused hostility later on Monday evening following the peaceful demonstrations. Hawkins said the hostile group moved to the side of the police headquarters building and at some point someone lobbed some commercial grade fireworks at police officers.

Officers then took the necessary actions to clear the scene. He said it led to eleven arrests. Of the nine that were arrested for rioting five were from the outside of the city of Albany. Two others were arrested for breaking into and robbing a Family Dollar store.

There were no injuries to police officers, no injuries to anyone who was arrested or any of the protesters.

“There is a lot of pain and a lot of anger and a lot of anguish among people in our community,” Sheehan said. “We are working on many fronts and are continuing to work to deal with that pain and that anger.

Sheehan said she knows there are concerned residents about the events that occurred and she assured the public that they are committed to keeping the community as informed as possible and safe.

Sheehan said she is working with Chief Hawkins to create an open-door policy for residents to be able to speak up and voice their concerns and experiences with the police department. They can speak openly or anonymously to officials.

They are determining whether another curfew will be issued in the city Tuesday night.

Chief Hawkins said he is working with his staff to ensure they get tested for COVID-19 following the demonstrations as many of his staff members have been around the public, many of which were not wearing masks.

NEWS10 will update this article with information as it is learned.