EAST ROCKAWAY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a brief COVID update during an announcement at Bay Park Water Reclamation Facility. He described the numbers on Earth Day as “Really good news on a day of all good news.”

Cuomo said that the positivity rate statewide is 2.06%, the lowest one-day measurement since November 5. He said there were 3,500 hospitalizations, the lowest since November 29. The statewide 7-day average is 2.5%, the lowest since November 10. Finally, he reported that 45 New Yorkers died of COVID on Wednesday.

In honor of Earth Day, Cuomo said, “Enough of aspirations. Let’s get down to action.” He was at the water reclamation plant to talk about the Bay Park Conveyance Project in Nassau County. He said that “No state has made this type of commitment to this ambitious a project,” which he said will make a difference for generations.

A press release from March includes details of the project, including: A new pump station, two new force main pipes, rehabilitation and sliplining of Sunrise Highway Aqueduct, and a connection to the existing Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant’s ocean outfall.

Noting that Earth Day began in 1970, Cuomo posed a rhetorical question: “Why then are we here today, 51 years later, with the same message, the same note of urgency, but making so little progress that we still have the same basic issues before us? It’s an issue, my friends of commitment, of urgency, and of the confidence in our ability to do something about it.”

The governor echoed talking points he has hammered home since the State of the State Address, remarking on $30 billion in investments on the table for green energy, green infrastructure, and a green economy. “You know how you do that?” he asked. “By revamping the entire system.”