ROUND LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management announced the start of its “Roll With Us” volunteer firefighter recruitment campaign on Wednesday. May 4 is also International Firefighters’ Day, the campaign kick-off took place at the Round Lake Volunteer Fire Department.

There is an urgent need for volunteer firefighters across the county’s 33 volunteer fire departments. The Roll With Us campaign is designed to recruit and retain active members to volunteer in a variety of emergency and non-emergency roles.

“Volunteers are crucial to the safety and well-being of our communities, giving their all to ensure every emergency call is answered in a timely manner,” said CarlZeilman, commissioner, Saratoga County Office of Emergency Services. “If you think you don’t have the time, the youth, or the physical capacity, we implore you to think again. It’s not all about running into burning buildings. There is a position for you in your hometown department–overseeing fundraising initiatives or directing traffic as part of a fire police detail at an emergency scene.”

Once fully trained, volunteer firefighters need only commit to 10% of fire calls each year to remain in good standing as an active member of their department.

“Any one of us will tell you that our volunteer departments become family,” said Peter Shaw, fire chief, Malta Ridge Volunteer Fire Company. “We will be there to teach and support you as families do. We’ll show you how to tap a hydrant, drive a truck, handle various tools and perform first aid. No prior experience necessary.”

Rexford volunteer firefighter Bob West attended the campaign kickoff with his son, sharing his personal story of what ignites his continued passion to serve his community. “When my son suffered a severe anaphylactic reaction and was losing his ability to breathe, volunteer firefighters were first on the scene to save his life,” said West. “At the time, I didn’t know what to do, but they did. My son is living proof of how important volunteer firefighters are for Saratoga County. I was immediately inspired to join them and help other families in their time of need.”

Find more information on the Roll With Us campaign or sign up to volunteer for a Saratoga County fire department online.