Vigil in Troy, NY for Tyre Nichols in front of City Hall on Friday.

TROY, N.Y.(NEWS10) – The Capital Region watched in terror and disbelief when the Memphis police worn bodycam video was shared for all to see Friday night.  The video shows five Memphis police officers attack 29-year-old father and husband Tyre Nichols. Nichols died in the hospital three days later from his injuries.

In response, Marketa Edwards, co-director and co-founder, of the Community Rising project of Troy hosting and speaking up at Saturday’s peaceful vigil in front of city hall which drew in several dozen demonstrators.

“We want to see that our communities are not being over-policed. There’s one too many of us that are being subjected to the hands of police every day. We want positive reinforcement with the police and accountability,” said Edwards.

Edwards sharing her concern to be more proactive.

“We want to bring the fact that it’s time for us to pull together. We cannot keep sitting in our houses, sitting in behind our screens waiting for someone to make this change for us. This change has to happen with us. It has to be a community thing,” said Edwards.

Troy Police Chief Daniel Dewolf tells NEWS10 that the released video had a negative impact on his officers, as well.

“We are just disgusted by it and you can count on us to be professional and treat you with dignity and respect whenever you’re dealing with the Troy police department,” said Chief Dewolf.

Troy local, Heather Benno also demonstrating with the crowd says she imagined the fears for her own husband, who is the same age as Tyre Nichols, when she watched the police bodycam video.

“It doesn’t even matter if you say you’re going home doesn’t even matter if you say that you know there’s you’re not resisting that the way the black people are treated in this country by the police just that policy of violence needs to stop,” said Benno.

The peaceful vigil was also attended by other Troy social justice groups, Troy Coalition of Black Leaders, Abolition Committee of Troy and Troy Black Lives Matter.