TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Troy Police Department received federal funding for a new Threat Assessment and Management team—known as TAM—to prevent domestic terrorism. This after Governor Kathy Hochul’s Executive Order 18, signed into law just days after the mass shooting in Buffalo on May 14.

On November 1, the Troy Police Department received $100,000 from a Department of Homeland Security grant. This will help the police join with community businesses, schools, and agencies that deal with mental health to help prevent dangers when it comes to local domestic terrorism. Troy will now be joining Monroe and Niagara Counties and the city of Buffalo to receive a first disbursement of the $10 million grant.

Assistant Chief of Police Steven Barker sat down to discuss the new team’s role within the community. “Our grant award is specific to target violence prevention which could include the active shooter incident have been in a workplace or could be workplace violence or it could be hate-motivated crimes,” he said.

Barker said it will involve many community partners and organizations. “It’s a collection of individuals that exist within the city from various disciplines or various job types and various areas that our community existed we just need to share the information connect the needing those needing resources the most to those that can provide the resources,” said Barker.  

The TAM team will incorporate all officers and will be headed by a lead detective. Barker said that officers are 90% trained in various methods of mental health calls already. He also said that the team should be fully operational by January 2023.

“Our lead detective will oversee a lot of it but we’ll also include not only our field intelligence officers which are an officer that manages the intelligence sharing within the department with other law enforcement agencies, but we also have a new mental health unit,” Barker said.

In an effort to get to the core of the violence before it occurs, city officials told NEWS10 about how the new team will make Troy successful in the new program. “The TAM funding will allow us to build those coalitions that create those avenues of communication, share information. [Also] Paint that picture before an incident occurs and hopefully give us the opportunity to head it off,” said Mayor Patrick Madden.

“These monies will even go further because we’re not starting at point ‘A,’ so I’m thrilled,” said City Council President Carmella Mantello. “I believe we’re ahead of the curve.”