TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Troy Police are continuing to investigate an armed robbery that happened Thursday night at Lee Lin Chinese Restaurant on Pawling Avenue. Security camera footage from the incident shows a man, who appears to brandish a gun, take an unknown amount of money.

Staff at the restaurant showed NEWS10 the security footage from Thursday’s incident. It shows a man first appearing at the store before 8:45, talking to the employee behind the counter for several minutes before leaving.

Moments later, he’s seen returning, making a beeline toward an employees-only area of the restaurant. There, he appears to brandish a handgun, confronting the employee who eventually clears out the register. The incident caused concern for several businesses in that area of the Collar City.

“I sent a text this morning out to all my staff, saying that if they were here alone to please make sure the door was locked if we are not in operation. It is scary, it’s getting close,” said Anita Luke, the owner of Carol’s Place, which is situated right across the street from Lee Lin.

When asked if she tells her employees what they should do if they find themselves in a similar situation she replied, “Actually, this morning, this whole news thing really just made me aware of the fact that we probably should cover something. It’s unfortunate, nobody wants to hand over the cash, but I definitely do not want any of my staff harmed.”

She, along with a tenant in the same plaza as Lee Lin, says there have been growing concerns in the area over the last few years. “It is unfortunate, I definitely see the decline and I definitely see the disrespect of the property,” she said.

While this most recent robbery is fresh on the mind, she recounts a wild theft that happened decades ago, “We were here, we were in the back of the restaurant and somebody just walked in, grabbed the register off the front counter and walked right across the street with it. Got in a car and left. One of my staff passed the person, thinking that our register was being taken out for service.” Troy Police say the suspect fled the scene on foot. K9 teams were on the scene Thursday night in an attempt to track him down. To this point, nobody is in custody.