The races have run their course and Saratoga Springs is getting ready for the fall and winter seasons.

NYRA reporting a record-breaking year for crowds that would poor into city streets benefitting local businesses.  This race season, as with most things, all good things must come to an end. However, the fun does not end with the race season. Not in the Spa City.

“We’re making trying to make the most out of the patio keep it open till late October early November till the weather decides turns on us for the season,” says Joshua Vickers manager, 15 Church.

After a successful race season 15 Church broke records of their own.

“There was a lot of pressure there was a lot of wondering how busy it was really going to be and getting to that moment and finally realizing that that we’re going to be able to Coast to the last week that was where we knew we had done it and we beat the numbers from last year,” said Vickers.

15 church was not the only success story in town, Owner Diane Pedinotti says Mouzon House did very well trying something new. This year, they offered a supper club 5 course meal.  

“Actually, filled the house and I had a lovely time with everyone that was here,” said Pedinotti

The Spa City remains a destination even into the fall and winter months. Pedinotti says that she is ready for the next season on the calendar.

“Wonderful time to come you’re not fighting the crowds and it’s very laid back and also Autumn is beautiful time,” says Pedinotti. The businesses made it through the race season crowds and now they are ready for fall and winter festivities.