FORT BRAGG, NC (NEWS10) – The Kosciuszko Foundation has sent a letter to President Trump kindly requesting the name of Fort Bragg be changed to Fort Kosciuszko. In the letter, they say Braxton Bragg was a traitor to the United States because his troops killed U.S Soldiers during the Civil War.

Thaddeus Kosciuszko was educated in Warsaw, Poland and Paris as a military engineer. He would use that knowledge to help free the American Colonies from British control. He is credited with coming up with the winning strategy for the Battle of Saratoga, a turning point during the American Revolution.

He is also built Fortress West Point and suggested becoming the United States Military Academy.

A section of the letter states, “Kosciuszko fought to free the white indentured peasants of Europe, he stood up for the rights of enslaved Africans, Native Americans, Jews, Women and all. He set aside his salary from the American Revolution with instructions that it be used to purchase and free slaves, and that money be left over for their education and to purchase them land, cattle and farming tools so they could support themselves in our free country.”

Chairman of the Foundation Alex Storozynski and President and Executive Director Marek Skulimowski sent the letter to the president.