ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Teresian House is hosting Dementia Live for its staff over the next two days, a hands-on experience to better understand what it’s like to live with dementia. The training includes altering of the senses and completing menial tasks to simulate day-to-day life with the illness.

“It’s incredibly impactful training because it’s experiential. Anytime we can experience what someone else is living with, then we can better understand them. And when we can better understand them, we can understand them better,” said V’Ann Giuffre, Senior Vice President of Growth and Operations for AGE-u-cate Training Institute, which puts on Dementia Live.

The training begins with participants being given two layers of gloves, simulating the loss of the sense of touch which can result from dementia. Those going through the training also wear glasses that impact peripheral vision and headphones that create distracting noises.

Before entering the living area, participants are given a laundry list of tasks to complete verbally and sent inside to do all they can remember.

“Very confused, frustrated, not knowing what to do next, it was just very confusing,” said Gloria Fox after going through the simulation.

“It made you very angry because you couldn’t remember what was being said to you,” Amanda Isabella said once she was complete. Both women were only able to complete two of the tasks they were given before forgetting the other instructions.

As employees at Teresian House, both said they thought it was an invaluable tool to go through it in order to better understand how some of their patients feel each day.

Dementia Live will continue Wednesday, as the local assisted living facility aims at ensuring all staff members receive the valuable experience.

“We feel that that sensitivity piece, the understanding and compassion is the root of everything that we do here,” Kelli Hawver, Director of Activities at Teresian House said.

Teresian House now also has certified Dementia Live coaches, ensuring that new employees that come into the facility will also be able to receive the hands-on experience, even without representatives from AGE-u-cate.