NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As problems with the supply chain continue, you could see a higher bill at checkout the next time you visit the grocery store. Prices on several items, including meats, have seen a significant uptick in price compared to last year.

“We have to be flexible. And that flexibility and resilience through all of this is going to provide the best customer experience,” said Shannon Risley, the general manager of the Niskayuna Co-op.

Since September of last year, certain foods have seen a substantial increase in price in the northeast. Some meats, including bacon, steak sirloin and chicken breast have risen 37.8%, 32.8% and 24.9% respectively, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“We are seeing incremental increases in such areas as the grocery department, but then you take meat and you’ll see large spikes,” Risley explained.

Risley says shoppers can also expect unpredictable and varying prices, “We try to provide the lowest prices possible, but again, on some of those perishable department and fresh items, you will see a big increase, maybe one week on the price of broccoli, and the next week on the price of meat.”

“Some items we will not be able to get for months at a time, and then that item will come back in, and it’ll be another item, or another category that we’re looking at challenges,” the store’s general manager said.

Certain items may also be difficult to find in the aisles again, including pasta and paper goods. She believes the issues are being caused by several different factors, which are all impacting the supply chain to grocery stores.

“Fuel costs have risen so people have to think about delivery schedules and what that looks like. Manufacturers aren’t able to produce as many items as they were before, so then that limits what they’re able to ship to us.”

Risley is also urging customers to be patient, as there’s no indication on how long this volatile trend will continue.