RENSSELAER, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Doane Stuart School and the Rensselaer City School District, with the help of local artist Jackie Brickman, will be designing a beautiful mural that will include a lot of creativity! Students will be painting and drawing on 4-inch tile squares, that will be located under one of the overpasses in the Rensselaer Riverfront Park. The crafting has just begun!

The theme of the mural is “Growing Together,” to solidify the connection among the schools. Doane Stuart School will be designing nearly 300 individual four-inch-square tiles and adhering them to the wall underneath the overpass. The design will include logos from Doane Stuart and the Rensselaer City School district, as well as a “growth chart” to signify how communities grow together, but also act as a fun photo opportunity for those who frequent the park. Area community businesses and organizations such as the Rensselaer police department, Boys & Girls Club, and the area Dunkin Donuts, will be invited to decorate a tile as well to demonstrate the wholeness of the community.

“The idea is to celebrate the fact that the two schools, a public and a private school kind of marry and join and work together in a lot of different ways is really unusual, unique, and wonderful to be honest with you,” said Karen Teich, Director Of Enrollment Management at Doane Stuart School.

Once the painting is done, and the tiles are attached, students from the schools will be creating a community garden which will be along the base of the wall under the overpass. Community members and neighbors will be able to see the finished product in the coming weeks.

“For the little kids, it’s really important for them to understand that art is important and what we’re doing is going to be kind of like a permanent mark and it gives them pride in our school,” said Doane Stuart School Art Teacher Jason Martinez.