HADLEY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Heavy rain and wind rocked areas of northern Saratoga County and parts of Warren County Tuesday. The severe weather left a slew of downed trees and branches, with residents continuing to clear debris throughout the day.

“It was a shock,” said Diane Demetriou, who came home Tuesday to discover the large oak tree in her front yard had been knocked over by the wind.

Thankfully, the large tree only clipped the side of her roof and no one was injured, “Several trees just like this one, torn from the roots, closing the golf course until at least this weekend,” she explained.

Across the street from Bend of the River Golf Course was a similar story, with numerous large trees ripped up by the roots, closing the course indefinitely until the debris is cleared.

Course vice president Jim Brewster was inside the clubhouse Tuesday when the storm rolled through the area, “Couldn’t see because the water was hitting the windows so bad, you couldn’t see out the windows.”

After the rain stopped, he and others took a look around, surprised by the sight of the several trees that had been ripped down during the severe weather.

But with the downed trees and branches scattered along the greens came a large team of volunteers eager to help out. With their help, Brewster hopes the course will be back open at some point this weekend.