Social Dilemma: Would you eat cake after someone blew out the candles?

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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Tuesday’s TRY Social Dilemma is something we have to think about due to the pandemic. It’s from Barry. Here’s his email: 

Hi Jaime,

I bet this is a new dilemma. Here’s my story. My family hosted a birthday party for one of my adult daughters best friend last week. We had her family over and a couple of others who are close to us. There were seven others besides my family, around the patio and the pool safely socially distanced. We grill up some burgers and dogs, have a couple drinks -and as I sit by the fire and watch my daughter come out of the house with a birthday cake for her friend, I notice- The lit candles. And that’s when it hits me – “she’s gonna blow her breath all over that cake when she blows em out”.

Normally I would never have thought about it, but in this pandemic age we live in, how can you not? Before I can say a word- she’s blown the candles out. So- what would you do? Would have a piece of cake? Mind you- these are great friends of ours. But still-you never know what others are really doing. Now, I should tell you, I’m not paranoid about the whole thing, and I am responsible and wear a mask when I go out, but if it’s just us and friends- I don’t sweat it. But it did strike me how some little thing that we never gave a second thought to – NOW comes with potential ramifications none of us want to deal with.

Most people at the party ate the cake. I did not, and my wife noticed because usually I love cake. I pulled her aside and explained and she thought I was being ridiculous. I don’t. What would you have done in that situation?

Thanks Jaime

~ Barry. 

Jaime from TRY says she is with Barry, she wouldn’t have eaten the cake. Or better yet, she would have screamed stop before she blew out the candles.

What about you? How would you have handled it.

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