ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Thursday’s TRY Social Dilemma is something we all go through with our spouses, our kids or whoever you happen to live with. Here’s the email from Ella: 

Hi Jaime,

You might think this is a funny social dilemma, but it has caused more arguments in my house than I care to think about. It has to do with toilet paper. And no, it’s not about which way to put the toilet paper on the holder. This is a bigger deal than that. My husband and my son have a horrible habit of finishing up the toilet paper and NOT putting a new roll on the holder. 

That means whoever comes in next (usually me) gets left with no toilet paper. And of course, it’s usually after I’ve done what I came in there to do. So that means trying to get to the cabinet under the sink and grabbing the next roll. I have screamed at my husband and son, but they both think that it’s not the person’s job who finished it, since they had enough for what they needed. It’s up to the next person to put the new roll on. I think that’s crazy and rude. 

They say I’m taking it all too seriously. Please help me make them understand that it’s up to them to change out the empty for a new roll. We listen together as a family every morning so we’re really hoping you’ll use this as a social dilemma. So in your house, who changes the toilet paper roll??? The person that uses the last of it, or the next person to come in. 

Thank you so much Jaime.

Love listening to TRY everyday,

– Ella 

Jaime says: Well, for me, I agree with Ella. Whoever uses the last of it, has to put the new roll on. That’s just kindness and courtesy. But let’s see what you think. 

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