RENSSELAER, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Albany skyline looked less smoky despite rain clouds on Friday. Some enjoyed an outside lunch. Some walked their dogs. Others just went out for a stroll. Whatever the reason, they were outside, enjoying the cleaner air.


Maryanne & George Marano were out walking: “Oh it’s wonderful, yesterday I couldn’t smell anything so it’s nice to be able to get back outside” Maryanne told us.

Tyler Dick who suffers from asthma told us he had to use a nebulizer during the height of the smoke. “Especially compared to Wednesday, even in my office, I had to go home from work early because I just couldn’t breathe” he said.

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It wasn’t just humans impacted by the smoke. Dog owner Dorothy Marcello told us her German Shepherd named Lydia had breathing trouble as well.

“She likes to run wherever we go, but while the smoke was at its heaviest, [the dog] was really breathing hard, to a point I had to carry her in order to take her home.”

For others life went on despite the haze. Food truck owners Kim Muse-Comtins & Jamie Kois told News 10 they didn’t lose much business during the air quality crisis. 

“No, people gotta eat weather there’s smoke or not. We were telling people that the smoke was free, free of charge. Everything was smoked this week” said Muse-Comtins.