NORTHAMPTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A small, single-engine plane crashed on the Great Sacandaga Lake Sunday near the Northampton Beach Campground. According to New York State Police, three people were on board at the time, one was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

“I froze. I didn’t know what to do,” said Kellsie Wilson, who was on the beach Sunday with her friend when the plane went into the water.

A single-engine Maule MX-7 aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff, flipping over after hitting the shallow water below.

Abbie Ward was able to capture video of the incident as she watched on, “Water was like splashing everywhere and then it was upside down. I didn’t know what happened.”

According to State Police, the plane attempted to takeoff from a beach near the Northampton Campground.

A preliminary investigation determined the aircraft was able to get a few feet off the ground before wind caught it, causing it to lose altitude and drop to the shallow water below.

Eyewitnesses say it was a hectic time on the lake moments after the accident, as many people flocked to assist those on board.

“Sirens, boats just everywhere. There were people just crowding, people were getting on boats driving over to them, it was stuff everywhere,” Wilson said.

State Police identified the pilot as 66-year-old Matthew Clemente. According to the FAA, he’s been a certified commercial pilot since 2021. He’s earned type ratings to fly single-engine land and sea planes, as well as multiengine land, also earning his instrument rating.

The FAA has been contacted about the incident and is investigating.