SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Many people across the Capital Region had a rough commute Friday morning thanks to the heavy snowfall. There were a lot of snowplows and snowblowers hard at work. Some people spent their snow day enjoying the weather on foot!

NEWS10 spotted several people walking and skiing on Broadway in Saratoga Springs! “It’s snowing, we’re skiing,” said Saratoga Springs resident Janette Kaddo Marino. “We’ve skied to church, to dinner, to breakfast a couple of times, just for fun,” she added.

Charlene Bush is from the Syracuse area and she’s far too familiar with snow. She says it didn’t stop her and her family to take a quick trip to the 518. “We decided to come up to the casino overnight knowing that the storm was coming in and we went not a problem, so here we are.” Some local shops were open for business!

“You have to embrace the winter, it’s really important when you live here and just get out and enjoy it,” said Saratoga Springs resident Clem Marino.