LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Siena Saints women’s basketball team is teaming up with the Capital Region Toys for Tots and to support the Marine Corps’ 75th year collecting for kids in need. There is a need for donated toys this year.

‘’We understand our privilege and we want to use our platform to help people who have less than we do,” said coach Jim Jabir.

Fans of the Saints lining up Saturday to set up a slam dunk for Toys for Tots. Anyone who donated a toy today during the game got a two-dollar savings voucher for the January 1, game at the MVP arena. Two of the “Lady Saints” shared how special giving back is to them.

“I enjoy giving back to the community,” said Teresa Seppala.

“All of our fans, we have a bunch of younger girls and I remember being young coming to see Siena games. So, it’s just great to give back,” said Valencia Fontenelle-Posson.

As NEWS10’s Michaela Singleton has reported, between moving locations, increased inflation and staffing shortages, Toys for Tots was in serious need this year. Organizers say thanks to everyone’s giving spirit they’re finally back on track.

“Things are coming together, absolutely! The community has pulled together,” said Toys for Tots Staff Sergeant Ted Kleniewski.

“People came out in droves to the point where we were last Sunday turning people away. Which is a good thing. Because it means we are getting the help we need,” continued Kleniewski.

Toys for Tots is still looking for holiday help and what they really need is more toys for those older kids aged 11 and above. The Capital Region Toys for Tots provides gifts to those in need across 15 counties. Last year they supported nearly 240,000 children. 

Those who gave at Saturday’s game tell NEWS10 “it just feels good”.

“It’s important to get as many children in the Capital Region who don’t have what a lot of children have and should have. So, the reason why you give is because you have abundance and you share it with people,” said Siena fan Tony Pondillo.