CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Severe thunderstorms swept through the Capital Region Monday afternoon, bringing downpours, heavy wind, and bursts of lightning. The weather leaving behind sporadic damage in certain areas.

“I think it was some kind of wind burst that came through and it knocked a bunch of trees down,” Westerlo Fire Chief Andy Joslin said.

Those heavy winds in Southern Albany County caused a tree to fall on a Westerlo home, causing extensive damage to the roof, “Most of the collapse was sustained to a deck, a little porch area. There were people inside, elderly residents, but nobody injured thankfully,” the chief explained.

Crews from Central Hudson were also on scene working to repair downed power lines, as well as a pole that was struck by a fallen tree.

Members of the Westerlo Fire Department also worked to assist those inside the home, “We’re trying to assist with tarps and stuff to try to keep the rain out, if we get more rain. We’re trying to find a place for the residents to stay tonight because they’re not going to have power indefinitely,” Joslin said.

Just across the street from the home, a tree also came down atop gravestones at Snyder Cemetery, a burial ground that holds unmarked graves of soldiers who fought in the Revolution. Further past the cemetery, several other trees were also snapped from the wind.

A viewer in Rensselaer County also captured video of a large tree across County Route 18 in Averill Park.