SCHOHARIE COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A trial date has been set for the Schoharie limo crash case. According to Lee Kindlon, attorney for Nauman Hussain, it has been scheduled for May 1, 2023.

Wednesday’s court appearance to determine the trial date for the operator of the limousine company involved in the 2018 Schoharie limousine crash was held virtually.

According to a transcript of the hearing, Hussain’s attorneys had scheduling conflicts the judge suggested for this year. Then, District Attorney Susan Mallery asked Judge Peter Lynch for more time to prepare for the trial, and he chose the May date.

The defense chose to go to trial after Judge Peter Lynch rejected a plea deal made by a previous judge last year. Hussain would have served five years probation.

The decision was met with courtroom applause from loved ones of the crash victims. The reaction to the new trial date, however, is not as positive.

“This has been four years, and I know justice has to move slowly sometimes to get it right, but I think the family members have gone through enough pain and tragedy,” said Senator Jim Tedisco. Several of his constituents died in the crash. “I think this should be expedited right now,” he added.

Kevin Cushing, who lost his son Patrick in the crash, said in a statement to NEWS10:

“This whole process is both confusing and frustrating for the families. We have little to no say in how this plays out for trial and the time frame for the trial adds more stress for all concerned – it will be over 4 1/2 years for this criminal trial to supposedly begin.”

Kevin Cushing, father of crash victim Patrick Cushing

NEWS10 reached out to DA Mallery for comment. She emailed the following response:

I thank you for your attention to this matter. However, the District Attorney’s Office is ethically prohibited from making public comments regarding pending matters. There are limited exceptions that do not apply here.

Schoharie County District Attorney Susan Mallery

Meanwhile, the deadline is approaching for the New York State Stretch Limousine Safety Task Force, which was created as a result of the crash, to submit its final report and recommendations to the legislature and governor.

Senator Tedisco is pushing for the October 1 deadline to be extended until the State Inspector General releases its findings from an investigation into the state’s role in the crash.