WILTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Health officials tell NEWS10 a super spreader gathering of at least 50 people took place on December 18 at a home in the Town of Wilton, in Saratoga County. They add that those attending the sleepover party included current students and recent alumni of the Glens Falls School District in neighboring Warren County.

After one partygoer tested positive for COVID-19, there are now 12 others who have come down with the virus as well.

“Unfortunately, from the contact tracing part of it a lot of these kids were evasive and did not tell the truth right off the bat and that did not help the situation,” said Warren County Spokesperson Don Lehman.

With so many students and adults now under quarantine connected to the Glens Falls School District, the superintendent Paul Jenkins says he made the tough decision to pause all in-person learning district-wide until at least January 15.

A statement on the district website reads, “It is unconscionable that this gathering took place, after the intense efforts students and staff members have made to keep our schools clean, healthy, and open week after week. The situation is infuriating, and we regret having to go remote in January.”

“I think the concern is that this is going to grow from here. When you factor in families getting together for the holidays. Kids coming home for the holidays, that sort of thing,” added Lehman.

Lehman added that law enforcement in Saratoga County was contacted after allegations of underage drinking surfaced. Sheriff Michael Zurlo told NEWS10 his office is now investigating.

But who was responsible for the party?

Sources tell NEWS10 that the party was held at a Wilton couple’s home. And that they are both teachers who are parents of current and former Glens Falls students. It is unknown if the couple was home during the party.

One is said to be a teacher within a neighboring town’s school district. The superintendent of that district spoke about the allegations, telling NEWS10 “If they do in fact come out to be true,
the is inherently unfair to so many outside of their immediate circle that we will be gravely disappointed.”