COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The man in the red suit making a quick stop to help the Uniform Fire Fighters of Cohoes spread “Cheer for Children”. News10 followed behind the caravan of merriment to capture the magic, Christmas Eve.

That man in the red suit is Santa. He is taking some time to help the Cohoes fire department deliver toys to nearly half a dozen families on Christmas Eve who otherwise might not have had a Christmas, at all.

“The trucks are loaded and Santa’s in the back getting spruced up for his little trip. It’s a little cool out there for him but he says, ho, ho, ho. So, here we go,” said Jack, Santa’s number one Elf in the city.

Santa was driven around town in a fire truck decked out with Christmas lights and décor. The look on everyone’s faces said it all. 

“I’m so excited this was so much fun, and I love all this it’s so fun,” said Alexis.

 The families we stopped at were overjoyed.

“I’m blessed, too. I feel blessed to be chosen and my kids are happy. [If] my kids are happy, mommy is happy,” said Cynthia Powers.  

This year, Santa is getting some extra help.

“We like to help Jack Santa’s number one elf deliver new toys to the Cohoes families,” said Cohoes Fire Fighter Dan Slaver.  

Yet, there is another vying for the position. 

“Well, if I was Santa’s number one then I would be like the top elf in the city,” said Jackson Slaver.

Now in the 41st year, the cheer for children campaign was started back in 1981. Firefighters are collecting toys and other needed items that can be given out to those in need all year long. 

“I just like to say thank you for everything, for all the fireman and all the community does for all the kids here,” said Tina Grimmick

Fire fighters in Cohoes, with some help from Santa, helped more than 100 families and over 300 children last year.