COXSACKIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Loose branches, downed wires, and uprooted trees were scattered across Coxsackie after Wednesday’s storm. The State of Emergency in Coxsackie was lifted Thursday evening. However, the cleanup efforts continue. Neighbors and crews spent their Thursday cleaning up the mess.

“We estimated about 100 large trees that were taken down in the village. We had a lot of calls for the fire department and really sections of the village were completely shut off. It was difficult for anyone to get around.,” said Coxsackie Mayor Mark Evans.

‘It was raining inside my house — I got nervous,” says Coxsackie resident Denise Warren. “When I got here, it was like a war-zone,” says Denise’s neighbor Mike Pollard. Both Denise and Mike weren’t in town when the storm hit. But now they are here, experiencing the aftermath. “My sailboat got flipped over and dented. The pool fence…the roof but the solo cup was still there…” said Denise.

Denise’s dog, Natalie, is attached to Denise’s hip. During Wednesday’s storm Natalie was terrified because of all the loud nosies. Denise slept in the car with Natalie hoping that would calm the pup down. “It’s in an enclosed space, it’s a safe place…*Did it work?* It did, it did — we had a little sleep…” Denise is staying in a hotel Thursday night, hoping to get a better night’s rest.

Mike works with The Davey Tree Expert in Latham. He doesn’t normally do business in Coxsackie, but when he saw the mess, he wanted to help a neighbor out. On Friday, a crew is bringing in a crane to help clean the debris. “We came up with a solution and it’s good,” said Mike. “I am very grateful so such a nice neighbor,” said Denise.

Denise was thankful no one was hurt, everything else is replaceable.