LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Have you ever wondered how the human race would fare if there was a zombie outbreak? Well, one local college is running the numbers to find out the answers — all while educating its students.

Siena College is putting an apocalyptic twist on a mathematics summer research program. Designed to make students think outside the box, the eight-week college research program selected four undergrad students who will determine the human race’s chances of surviving an outbreak.

Students from different majors came together to create a presentation that gives three separate models of survival during a zombie apocalypse as well as determining the best type of defense a person could have.

“A lot of the tools that they are learning is exactly like the disease modeling that I do, so that’s kind of my specialty. So it’s just like a fun twist in terms of a topic that is of massive interest in pop culture,” math professor Dr. Scott Greenhalgh said. “Whenever you can do what you love, and you have something extra like the cherry on top of studying the zombie apocalypse, it makes people interested in doing it.”

But don’t worry. According to the results of their project, even though it may come close, the human race is poised to survive a major zombie outbreak.