SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A handful of people, including representatives from a local union, gathered in Schenectady Tuesday afternoon to speak out against the recent rail agreement that averted a strike. Those gathered, standing in solidarity with workers who don’t support the deal.

“It’s the ultimate expression of having someone’s back,” said Greg Giorgio, delegate of the Upstate NY Chapter of the Industrial Workers of the World.

President Biden signed a bill implementing the labor agreement earlier this month. It includes a 24% raise over five years, as well as more flexibility to miss time for doctors appointments.

However, paid sick leave remains a major point of contention. The agreement approved by Congress and the White House did not include more than one sick day, something labor unions fought to expand upon.

“I think there’s a pretty strong agreement among a majority of rail workers that the contract that the Congress and the President imposed on them is really very unfair,” Giorgio said.

The President urged Congress to pass the agreement, fearing the economic impact of shutdown on the rails would have across the country.

Those gathering in Schenectady, however, say it’s unfair for the government to step in that way, “Workers have objective rights, if you trample on those rights, you’re endangering the public from a safety viewpoint and you’re going to lose the trained people in your workforce,” said Martin Manley.

Local rail worker supporters hope to see negotiations reopened in the future, to address expanded sick time and other concerns.

While signing the agreement, President Biden signaled that he hopes to continue working towards more paid leave, “We still have more work to do in my view, in terms of all of them getting paid sick leave, not just for rail workers, but for every worker in America.”

Schenectady’s rally was one of several across the country in support of members of Railroad Workers United.