GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) — If you’ve visited Mixed Breed Brewing in Guilderland, chances are you’ve ordered a glass of Glover.

“It’s a really popular beer right now,” said Guy Bucey. “It’s the New England IPA. It’s really hazy, really juicy, really fruity, with a little bit of hop bite in there.”

Out of all the beers brewed, this is the most special for Guy Bucey, veteran and co-owner of the brewery. “Glover specifically, is kind of a tribute to Michael Glover, or Lance Corporal Glover. He was a marine that I served with in Fallujah, Iraq,” explained Bucey. “And unfortunately he was killed in action while we were over there.”

For Bucey, this time of year is difficult—-not only is it close to the anniversary of his friend’s death, but September 11 is just around the corner. “It goes through ebbs and flows and different years there’s different ways to react, but it’s something that’s heavy on the heart this time of year.”

Once Bucey left the marines, he turned to hobbies such as beer making to help him cope. Michelle Viola-Straight, who works for the Veterans & Community Housing Coalition said that for some veterans transitioning to civilian life, it can be rather hard.

“Guy transitioned beautifully,” said Viola-Straight. “He was that guy. Instead of running away from the fire, he ran into the fire. A lot of veterans have a lot of stumbling blocks when they do transition out. So the services and the support that we offer at VCHC— we give them the tools that they need for success.”

To help other veterans who are struggling, one dollar from every Glover beer sold is going to the Veterans & Community Housing Coalition in an effort to end veteran homelessness and hunger.