AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A lovable dog named Rocky at the Montgomery County SPCA was recently diagnosed with cancer and is now looking for a new home.

What would you do if you had 1,416 days to live? That’s the question Montgomery County SPCA staff had to ask resident Rocky this week.

Rocky is a 2-year-old mixed breed that has long been a favorite of the staff and volunteers at MC-SPCA due to his energetic nature and positivity. He is also a lover of treats.

“He’s just so happy when he sees people. He’s just a good, spirited dog and he really gets along with everyone,” shelter manager Ashley Weil said.

Weil says they received devastating news about Rocky this week. 

“When he went in for his neuter, there was a tumor on his stomach. Then, when we removed it, that’s when we did the biopsy and found out it was cancer,” she said.

Rocky has been diagnosed with Keloidal Fibrosarcoma and has been given an estimated survival time of two to three years.

It doesn’t matter how much time he has, the staff says they are determined to find the right owner. They want to make whatever time Rocky has meaningful.

“You can give Rocky such an amazing time while he is here. It’s only a grade one tumor, so we are hoping he’s going to surpass that time that was given to him,” she said.

Weil says they are keeping their spirits up as they think Rocky would want. 

“We just imagined what Rocky would say if he knew how much time he had left. Luckily for a dog, he’s in good spirits, and for him, he’s got forever,” she said.

A diagnosis like this is never easy, but the staff believes Rocky has so much love to give and wonderful memories to make.

“We just hope we find the perfect home for him and someone loves him as much as we do here.”

People who are interested in meeting Rocky can get in touch with the Montgomery County SPCA at 518-842-8050 to set up a time to visit the shelter.

A full list of the adoptable pets can be found online on their website.