HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Anger and frustration are just some of the emotions many in the Capital Region are feeling following a Supreme Court decision to overturn the right to an abortion; ruling in favor of a Mississippi law that restricts abortion at 15 weeks — two months earlier than what was protected under Roe v. Wade.

“I’m outraged,” Kathleen Fernandez said. “I just see our country going so far back and there’s no reason for it.” 

Some volunteers at a rally in Hudson are helping people voice their frustration through political action with voter registration cards. Those advocates say voting is the first step to protecting abortion rights.

“It’s going to be really ever more important for people to vote in state and local elections, as more rights are taken away at the federal level and given to the states,” Kaitlyn Curtin, volunteer with the Columbia County Democratic Committee, said.

Some signs said “Abort SCOTUS,” “Abortion is healthcare,” and “We won’t go back.” This rally was one of the hundreds across the nation this weekend warning of what could happen in a post-Roe nation. Pro-abortion rights advocates said the consequences of striking down Roe go beyond restricted access to abortion.

“The takeaway in the local community right now from these laws that are happing elsewhere is a sense of hopelessness,” Nathaniel Gray, Executive Director for the Pride Center of the Capital Region, said. “In many of the states where abortion will now become instantly illegal, there are trigger bans, the centers that have been operating and servicing those abortions to that community are places like planned parenthood and most of those places are the only LGBTQ+ affirming provider in the region.” 

Meanwhile, Republican leaders in New York are praising the decision.

“It will save countless innocent children, House republicans are incredibly grateful for the pro-life movement’s tireless efforts for decades leading to this day to give a voice to the voiceless,” Rep. Elise Stefanik said.

Roe v. Wade is codified into New York State law with expanded protections passed earlier this month. Now, pro-abortion rights advocates said it is up to Congress to guarantee that right nationwide.